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Multiple device same chromecast and wifi

First off, love the fact that games can be cast to a tv using chromecast and its super convenient that it auto-detects devices on the same wifi. It would be awesome to combine both features and chromecast was useable without having to pass around the same device.

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Everybody using their own device - while casting to your television... would be awesome!

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Hmmm, I just tried to connect using both the iphone and ipad apps on my devices and the chromecast icon doesn't appear to be showing up anymore, regardless of the game settings. I haven't tried to use it for a few weeks. Maybe they removed the functionality temporarily? I apologize for leading you to spend so much time looking for it. I promise it was an option a few weeks ago. When it was working it appeared next to the (?) in the top right of the screen.

It also looks like the auto-detect wifi game feature has been removed as well. That's a bummer. This could be a indication that these features are being worked on. Can someone from SMG weigh in on this?

Trevor, can you please tell me how to chromecast this, been looking for this the whole day now... huge favor!

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