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Game features

Some in-game features that would be beneficial 1. Minimum rank option I.e. be able to set min rank required to join game lobby (prevents others from using a novice account to help their main account) 2. In game chat so you can explain to others how stupid their last turn was lol 3. Spectator mode for when you lose 4. Better algorithms..... I have lost 30+ against a 2. Unless superman is an in game character that shouldn't happen. 5. Your rank should determine how you are auto set...... I.e. the higher ur lvl the more spread out you are. And nobody should be auto given a territory bonus (don't start out owning a country/area for bonus) 6. STOP ALLOWING ROBOTS THAT TAKE OVER TO GAIN CARDS W/O TAKIN A TERRITORY!!! As of right now any CPU that takes over for a player that left still gains a card even if it doesn't gain a territory. 7. Also make EXPERT lvl CPU's actual experts.... They don't go after players like real players would. I've seen a CPU cash in and ignore a player that had 4 troops and 5 cards.... Just so the next real player could take em out

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Oh and also a report button on the flip side of player cards where the alliance button is.

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A lot of your suggestions already have topics open on the forum. It'd probably be better to search for those topics and add your thoughts to each of them. Good suggestions though :)

Forgive me, but I don't care for half your suggestions, and why:

1 - Minimum rank to join your game, not a bad idea, but not my biggest wish.

2 - In game chat, everyone forgets how to police this. Adult language, then you'll want the game to fix that.

3 - Spectator mode, good idea but would you actually watch. Me, maybe a turn or two but I'd rather play another Risk game.

4 - Better dice, tough one. Sound like your expecting to win if 2 to 1 ratio, but dice doesn't care about that. Each roll is unique from the previous role. Dice don't remember you rolled low number previously.  You could just as easily roll all low numbers, and turn around and roll all low numbers over and over. The dice wont remember or care. I am perfectly fine with dice they way they are, because I know it is the same for all players which should make it fair. Sometimes you get screwed by the dice, sometimes you get lucky when you should have lost.

5 - If your asking for a handicap game, then ask for that as a feature. I host all my games, and wont be using handicap feature if implemented. (My preference) 

6 - Didn't know the CPU got a free card, bad idea and with you on this one!

7 - Agreed!

8 - Report button, hate it! I see so many posts about cheaters and NONE have proof of cheats, only people exploiting the game trying to get an advantage. Typically two accounts, played by one or two people, but both accounts still have no cheats. Just two accounts ganging up on others. Whats the difference if me and my friend join the same game and both of us attack you. You going to report us as cheaters. What if my friends throws the game just to help me out, cheating ? I chose to win, my friend chose to loose, no one cheated. Sucks when it happens to you, but back to NO PROOF OF CHEATING!

All of this meant nicely, so please don't take anything I said the wrong way. Polite discussion.

1.The min rank is specifically to stop those who use 2 accounts. If you don't consider some1 using 1 acct as a master to win and another account as a novice that's used as a pawn cheating and never actually wins then we have 2 very different opinions on the matter lol 2. The report button is to simply report those we suspect. The developers can look at ur stats and determine whether that is what happened or if its 2 friends. Because like u I do the same. But your friend is only playin with you EVERY time and EVERY time protecting you and weakening others for you to come in and finish off lol. 3. I want to be able to discuss things with allies. If that's the only chat option they give I'd be ok with that. But in real life battles you have communication. Both with enemies and allies 4. Yea I would watch some games to the end. Especially those I've made it almost to the end on already. If I'm 3rd I'll watch the last 2 finish. 5. No its not the 2-1 that bother me. Its the 75-1 that loses 48 lol that's a lil excessive. Tho plausible but not as frequent as I've had it happen 6. I can agree on it as a option. I start all my own games as well 7. Yea I noticed it when I was makin my plans to take players out. 1 that was now a robot had gotten a card and had only placed his troop and skipped attack/fortify stages. 8. We already agreed on the CPU. Can't stand when they don't take a player out like a human would lol
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