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Eliminate cheaters, One game for all

I suggest that the rankings will restart, as most masters and grandmasters are obviously cheating. I suggest that there will be standard games of 1) 6 players 2) with a time of 60 or 90 seconds 3) in the classic map (maybe some days or hours different maps) 4) and the player selection is automatic for game participation. This will eliminate the cheaters who play with friends or double accounts and will make very clear who is a real grandmaster. The rest games shouldn't be ranked and should be played for fun. This will make the game fair and attractive

I just obtained the rank of Master. I do not cheat, I don,t even understand how people are cheating, but I agree they may be cheating. What I have noticed is a beginner or novice, seemingly, making certain losing moves for the benefit of another player. The other player is always a higher ranked player. Now, maybe they are novice because they play this way, but I have my suspicions. Not to brag, but the only time I lose, other than bad dice rolls-timing, is when I am attacked by multiple colors with the assured distraction of one of them and victory to the other. Years ago we had clans, you could only play in a game if you were in a clan. this eliminated cheaters.

Grats on becoming a Master rank Mike!

Highest rank for me is Export, but then loosing streak back down to beginner. Ranks are rough, but I enjoy the challenge. Been Export twice, trying to get back there.

Cheating, perhaps this is that old philosophy where "I suck, so you must be cheating"

Two players ganging up on you, is not cheating. One players using two accounts is an exploit of the game, but still hardly cheating. GOD MODE is cheating, but I've never seen anyone roll sixes every time, NEVER!

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I played a game that was so obviously someone playing with two accounts simoultaneously. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but i am not saying that all masters are cheaters. But I played a game with a guy having a grandmaster rank called "Benedict Poppins 2" and it was so obvious that a second account was not even a friend, but the same person playing to support the grandmaster status of the player. My claim maybe is wrong on how to eliminate cheaters, maybe there are other ways to do it.  

I've been a master for a long time even reached Grandmaster. Because of my status I've seen more cheats than most most often it's a 6 player game and the Grandmaster kicks everyone out leaving me his mate and him so it's 2 vs 1. The only way to combat is to just fight the Grandmaster but long term you will lose as there are to many against you from both sides. The worst is when you get Australia and you just hoard men and you literally see them put one men on border territory and just build reinforcements up in Asia before the suicide attack to bring me down before the Grandmaster takes the winnings. Its so childish

I agree Snowy, very childish.

For me, the better I get with how I play my strategy, I'm less affected by players trying to exploit the game and win by an unfair advantage. I have not seen any real actual cheats, but lots of players trying to get an advantage to up their rank. Feels GREAT to beat them at their own game though :)

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