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Possible Cheat

Feb 20: 12:15am  approx

Can you please check out:

James1984Teal - Grandmaster

Carrie Cosmo 2 Novice or Beginner

Joined a 4 player game.  These 2 players were already waiting.  Game suddenly went to 3 player game.

From the onset, these 2 players each attacked me very aggressively.  I can't say for sure, but it appears they may be playing together or are one just person with 2 accounts.  At first it was fun defending them as they were losing some one-sided battles against me, but its only a matter of time.  I can't defend against 2 players consistently attacking me.

If i am wrong, then no big deal.  If i am correct, then please discourage this by putting James1984Teal down to Novice.


Theo Brawler 3

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I've had similar things happen...

Obvious cheating occurring between Jordan Mac 3 and either 1 or both of these screen names- Vaughn Mcpunch 4, Vance the Poet 3.

Was just in a game Giovanni the frosty 8 (master), Adriano Lombardy 6 (GM) and Rumble ward 6 At first it looked like any other game through the first turn but Giovanni the frosty 8 started attacking rumble ward aggressively suicidal with Adriano Lombardy acting as a rear guard... within 4 turns these 2 killed off rumble ward. I knew from the 3rd turn these two were cheating so I attempted to form an alliance with rumble ward but I was too late recognizing what these cheaters were doing Can someone from risk tech support review this game please 2/28/18@roughly 5:40pm eastern. If they were cheating then you should send then back to being novices for what it appeared that they were cheating

Sounds like a likely cheat, does anyone have a suggestion? Mine might be don't allow two players join from either the same IP or geographical location (they have "Pass & Play" for that). Odds of two player accounts being at two different locations is low, and them being able to communicate well enough to bias the game is less likely (but not 100% eliminated). You wouldn't solve actual alliances, but those are generally allowed. And the way I see it, this type of cheat is most likely used to bump up one player and the other is a dummy account. Because ultimately one player has to loose and therefor it wouldn't be in favor of one opponent to continue this tactic. Maybe make a feature request? Just food for thought.

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