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Notice on Cheaters

With the note that went out against cheating - how do we submit players that collude outside of the game?

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I'm curious as to what constitutes cheating? Are we talking about some kind of hacking?
No - more like going into a game with an alliance or playing as 2 different players in the same game.
I have reported 3 different games now where it is clear that 1 person is controlling 3 or 4 out of the 6 players. It is ruining the game for me. It's not easy to rate or report a single player. They really need to watch the playback.

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troubling centaur3862 & Brent Parker  is a blatant cheater clearly running two accounts used the brent parker account to attack me every turn regardless of how obvious it was that it didn't help his cause i.e. 5 troops vs 25 just to weaken me for the other account this ruins the game 

Yep it very easy to do this and hard to detect !!! I view it as a challenge playing with a master I watched him battle a player with clearly two devices he managed to beat him still epic!!! If you need two devices to win your rank means nothing!!! Mine is real lol

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It really ruins a game when halfway through you realize that you are playing against one real player and that the others are purposely loosing so that the one can win. I have been playing for months and am still labeled a Novice. Isn't there some way with all the marvels of computer playing to prevent this?? Sometimes I just want to quit playing. In fact today I just left a game that was clearly set up. I cannot win against cheaters
Have faith I was ranked 2700 I have played almost 400 hours. As of late I have noticed teams playing there is a method to win against these people !! I play now at beginner falling from expert now ranked 20000 ..... This can be combated one play with a friend two be un attackable become a super turtle leave no weakness feed off of cards or never attack let them fight amongst themselves! Allies are dangerous striking you down as you slay everyone else. Position your self in Australia second place is not that bad either. Make you army strong to avoid being pegged Just remember there is a few people playing this game for thousands of hours it is. A hard game Also playing experts and masters weeds out lots of low level hacks playing multiple devices fyi

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