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Lobby changes

Is it possible to make some small changes in the lobby before you launch the game? As it is right now, the host can start the game EVEN if the other players aint ready. ALL players must click in to say "im ready" before the host can launch the game. In that way you increase the risk of players not getting dropped in the beginning of a game. And sometimes the host also kick some players in 2 sec. and imediately launch the game. And some players didn't even notice the quick changes the host just made when he suddenly launch the game, and then they leave in the 1st round in the game, and you end up playing a shitty game:-( there MUST be a little button where players can click "im ready" before the host launch the game. And maybe even a little chat box, where players can talk to each other. Then the host can talk to the other players and ask if there should be an computer AI in the game or how many players we should be in the game.

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Or maybe when the host hits the start arrow everyone should have ten seconds to leave. In case the host is unhappy with the situation after some people have left he/she can cancel the game start.

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That could also be an oppurtunity. There must be some changes in that lobby in any case. Sometimes the host starts the game immediately when you join a lobby. And you dont even notice WHO you are playing against. Is it a grandmaster/master/expert/intermediate/beginner/novice who is in the game you are about to join? It dosn't say anything about it when you are scrolling around between the gamelobbys. Im only playing "fixed" games, and when I see a "fixed" game I click on it to see who is in there. But you need to be really really quick to leave if it aint some players you want to play against, before the host suddenly with "no warning" just launch the game. And thats SO LAME!! We need an "I'm ready" button in the lobby. Make t happen plaese.
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