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Online Tournaments and Leagues

Love Risk and the ranking factors but what would be even better if there were tournaments or leagues with set times and dates to participate.

Reply from SMG

I agree, this is something we always wanted to add. I think it'll add a lot of community engagement as well. Can you post this to the new Forum - it allows players to comment, vote, post and track features. We also let people know which ones are in planning, production etc. We had hundreds and hundreds of suggestions and thousands of votes, so the forum made it easier for us to manage :)

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Any other views on this?
What a great idea would be epic!!!!!!! I'm all in

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Maybe they could give out something small, like titles, new avatars, or tokens for doing well.

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This would take things to an awesome new level! 

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I would LOVE to contribute my ideas regarding a tourney format!
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