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Improved leaderboards - weekly / monthly / all time / friends

So as we all know the leaderboards in this game basiclly have no use unless u are in the top 999. It would be great if this showed weekly, monthly and all time leaderboards. Just so its a little bit more competative. Friend leaderboards need to be added too! I have got so many friends to start playing this game, it would be great to see who is the highest rank out of us. Thanks :D

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Great idea!

I think there should be four leaderboards: one for progressive 5 or 6 players, one for progressive 3 or 4, one for fixed five or six, and one for fixed 3 or 4. Also playing with bots needs to be nerfed right now it's the ticket to the leaderboard while playing real people makes it much harder to reach even when the skill level of play is the same.
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