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Surrender option

Allow a player to surrender when facing overwhelming odds in a one on one battle. Allows the players to move on to another game

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In this scenario, Axemansa, what happens to all their remaining troops and territories?

I think Axemansa is talking about a one v one when all other players have been defeated. You can always leave the game, but I'm not sure if you them receive the same amount of points
That's correct. Surrendering at the end when it's 1v1. For example, today I had 7 troops left on three countries with no cards to turn in. I was facing an army of 34. No sense in prolonging the inevitable. Surrendering is common in warfare so you should include this option to speed up play at the end.

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You basically have this now. If you tap the home button you can forfeit the game.

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You can't friend people after if you don't want for the end of the game.


Totally want see my opponent wave the surrender flag!!!!

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This could work on all scenarios as well, if a player surrenders while there as still 4 players in the game,it would only means that a bot would take his/her place and from now on ONLY place reinforcements troops on remaining territories. Those will have to be eventually won over by another player (unless there are only 2 players left in which case the game ends). The surrendering player's rank is calculated based on his/her time of surrendering. Also, players should not have to wait the full length of the turn timer for the bot to place the troops since there would not be any ATTACK or FORTIFY phases.
OR, should you surrender mid-game, your territories are greyed out and your troops remain as rebels. No bot would take your turns. This would require players to defeat the remaining army. I personally find it very irritating when someone backs me into a corner but refuses to end the game.

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I've seen the computer get stuck and do this. It'll just hoard troops and never attack. I'm not personally a fan of this option. I want the computer to be fully functional and preferably smarter than it currently is. I've noticed it will actually push to take continents now but it won't defeat players when it totally can. The old sega risk game had a much more intelligent computer than the one that this game has. I hate it when people leave before they are definitely dead.


Briand, if the surrender worked as I suggested above, no computer would take over. Troops wouldn't be hoarded.
Surrender either to end a game that is basically one sided and move on. Only a defiant person would stay to the end anyway. With multiple players a surrendering​ player should choose who he wants to surrender to. Could turn a tide in the opposite direction of a game. Kind of like an alliance but you only get to turn over control of your territories and are out. If the spectator option is put in that could be a fun option.

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Just a suggestion. If you surrender, your score would not go down as much as if you had lost.

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@Joel Unfortunately that would likely be very abusable unless it was only for very specific circumstances.


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