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I'd like to see a more descriptive break down of how ranking works so I can effectively strategize who I play against and understand how I can rank up better. In addition the update on faster ai takeover doesn't work well. There's no way a human can attack that quickly. It's not fare. The ai should work off of gamers patterns. But mostly I would like to see a comprehensive break down of how ranking works and how win loss works in retrospective to your opponents ranks and whether it's the rank of the opponent that knocks you out or is it just a loss.... Too many rank questions that are poorly shown in app.

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I think Ranking should be reflective of the finishing place throughout a game, as well as the number of opponents defeated before eventual loss.

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I prefer the computer to work faster. It has to wait 60 seconds before it even takes over. And it isn't going to clear the map anyway.


Tayler - ranking is explained here

Your best strategy is to battle players of an equivalent or ideally higher rank to gain more ranking points. Losing to players of a lower rank will mean you can potentially lose more ranking points as well.

Briand, the delay is to allow players who drop out sufficient time to reconnect to the server and rejoin the game. If we did not have the delay, and the AI took over the instant someone disconnected, we'd be swamped with complaints :)

John - it's impossible to show you your rank position during a game. It's is not determined by just the outcome of the ranking points lost or won from that single game alone. It's affected by the outcomes of other players, playing other matches at the same time as you and calculated at the end of the match. It's adapted from the ELO chess system. All of this is explained in the FAQ here.

(1) A player of similar rank scored more Ranking Points in a separate game. 

Let's say you defeated 5 mediocre players of a much lower rank in your game. At the same time, in a separate game, another player (1 rank below you) beats 5 players of a much higher rank. In this case, he/she would receive more Ranking Points from their win, which could be enough to move him/her above you in the ranks (and push you down).

While we would "know" the actual rank being possibly different, didplaying a player "starting" rank would at least give us a ballpark of where that player is situated in the hiarchy...
SMG - Yes, I do not disagree with the 60 second delay. I prefer it. I've also noticed a couple of times coming into a game after the computer has already made some action and it resetting. That's also good in my opinion. So delay and then rapid computer makes sense. Computers don't know they can kill someone when they can. I think they should but that's a reason not to whine about fast computers.


I just want to know the rank zone for each medalt class. Like begginner>150k, intermediate 40k-20kn etc. Im at 55k or so and still a begginner and i dont quite get it.
It depends on how many players there are, so it's been ever increasing. Roughly off the top of my head, it's something like this:
<400 Grandmaster
400-2000 Master
2000-8000 Expert
9000-20,000 Intermediate
30,0000 to maybe 150,000 is Beginner?

All of this used to be cut in half only just a month or so ago. The game has been seeing a huge influx of new players. I really wish they'd hurry up with the rank filtering for game joining so I can play more players closer to my rank. Beginners and a grandmaster have no reason to play in the same game but I can never keep the game creation full of expert+ players with me booting everyone constantly, plus it screws up the servers and usually makes 1-2 slots unavailable from the booting.


Ok thanks, not knowing has been killing me. And im at 38k now so at least im gettimg close. Ans same with the rank filter, i get excited when i see someone whos not a novice or a begginer lol.
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