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Alliances rules to show level of commitment

IDEA: The alliance request feature used in-game is updated to allow you to specify levels of commitment. At any point, a player can still break an alliance, but if he/she breaks the terms of the accepted level, this will count towards their public TURNCOAT statistic (the % of alliances that they've broken). The TURNCOAT stat will let other players know how trustworthy they are.

[NOTE: These levels are just suggestions. Feel free to suggest others or different approaches]

  1. Level 1 - flexible arrangement, no specific commitment.
  2. Level 2 - Agree not to attack each other's wholly owned continent or the largest connected empire of the other. Any other territory is available for occupation.
  3. Level 3 - Agree not to attack each other for 2 turns.
  4. Level 4 - Agree not to attack each other for 3 turns
  5. Level 5 - Agree not to attack each other for 4 turns

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"This is stupid. The app should be like the board game whenever possible and you can break alliances in the board game at will."

Just my 2 cents.  You cannot fully compare the board game to the computer game.  When you are playing the board game, you know if 2 players are allied.  You are right there with them.

You have no way of knowing if anyone is allied in the online game until it is too late.

I would love it if you could just add this in the filter option to disallow alliances.  If I'm hosting a game, I would like to be able to dictate whether or not I want alliances to exist.

Let's just see how much the average person cares about the option to have alliances.  I bet most would prefer the option to NOT have an alliance as an option i their games.

But if I'm wrong...well...I guess I won't be choosing the "No Alliance" option for very long if no one will join my games.  But at the very least let's try it out and see what the consensus is.

I would just make a penalty for breaking an alliance, something that would cost someone troops.

If someone attacks 1 territory with 1 army in it that is not in a full continent, no penalty (sometimes you just need a card)

If the game is down to 2 players, no penalty (there is really no alliance)

If you break an alliance and your alliance partner / opponent has the next turn, no penalty (give them one turn notice to fortify)

Otherwise, if a player breaks an alliance by attacking or by just breaking it on the player page, for their next turn, every dice roll vs the old alliance partner should be lowered by one.  The alliance breaker would be at a significant disadvantage as every 6 turned into a 5, etc.

This would be a good deterrent to those who make and break alliances just for strategic advantage.


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