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Allow multiple fortification moves

IDEA: Game settings option that allows multiple fortify moves in the fortify phase instead of just one.

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I'd like it to be a specific number of moves (e.g. 0-10), not just 1 or unlimited

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Great idea Jannik! This could be set by the game host in game options and displayed in the list of games.

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No. Original Risk doesn't have that option-takes planning and strategy from the game.

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I use to play when you fortify you can pick up troops along the way to one destination and drop them off only to one spot as long as they are within a chain of adjacent territories.If I had 10 troops scattered all in a chain I would be able to gather all up and put them in one place.
Indeed, we played it in reality with multiple fortify moves. I don't understand why we can't distribute troops over different territories linked together instead of fortifying one single territory. Risk is a strategy game so we should be able to move freely our troops between linked territories according to our strategy of playing.
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