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Setting for blitz attack to stop when you only have <x> attacking troops left

IDEA: Currently, Blitz dice rolls will attack until you win or all your troops are defeated. This setting would allow the attacking player to set an 'attacking troops remaining total' for when Blitz should stop. For example, if I set this option to 5, Blitz would attack until I only have 5 remaining attacking troops only. The default value is 0 i.e. Blitz will continue until you either win or have no troops left.

This allow for fast dice rolls, but ensures I'll have some troops remaining.

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Not bad, but how about true dice rolls. Many, many times the percentages don't match. I.e. 9 on 2 is 98%, 6 on 1 is 99%. etc.

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I like this idea and I think it would be useful especially during early part of a game. Nevertheless as it is currently described I would have to keep the "blitz troops remaining" setting at 0 for games with shorter turn timers. This is because if I am racing against the clock to kill off an opponent (which happens fairly often) the last thing I want is to blitz my opponents territory only to then have to switch to slow manual dice rolls because I don't have the necessary number of troops. Sometimes that kind of situation is what decides a game. With that in mind I would prefer if there was always the option to quickly attack to the last troop. I have two ideas for how to accomplish this while still making blitz safer. One way would be breaking blitz behavior into cases so that if it is ordered with a number of troops greater than x then it would stop attacking at x, but otherwise it would attack down to zero (where x is the minimum number of troops for blitz). The other idea I have is creating two kinds of blitz "safe" and "unsafe" thereby allowing players to select the proper attack strategy for their particular situation.

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Nice additions SectaOne. This is really great feedback. Now if you wouldn't mind reviewing all the other suggestions in the forum with the same level of scrutiny please :) –Lee@SMG

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I like the blitz limit option. Personally I'd set it at 3. SectaOne Raises good points. Personally, given I'd have mine set to three, in the rare cases I did want to keep blitzing I wouldn't mind hitting blitz again. Also SectaOne's idea about a 'safe blitz' option is good. As long as that doesn't over complicate roll selection and it can be made clear for new players.

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Absolutely would be helpful. Sometimes I just want to beat down a stronger army but don't intend on fighting to the death. It's a waste to roll 1 die against 2 when you're the attacker. So I would stop when attacking die available is less than 3 unless I'm in a desperate situation. and I'd still like to see what I'm up against before I start to roll against my odds anyway.


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This is a GREAT idea and I was about to suggest the same thing.  The blitz option should automatically default to attack to 0, but there should be an option to change the remaining attacking troops if the player wants to do that. Like SectaOne said, I think the best idea is to make additional blitzing options. One option would allow you chose the number of troops remaining and the number of troops you want to move, if the attack was successful.  The other option should be a "blitz plus move all troops." which was an idea offered on another thread.  This second option is REALLY important when you're playing on a 60 sec turn timer and you're trying to kill another player. Nothing is worse than loosing a game you should have won just b/c you were 1 second to slow. 

This is a much needed feature! Especially in late game when you have huge armies fighting (with huge stakes) and not enough time to go through every roll.
Absolutely. Or at least have an option to disable the dice rolling part. if I could click and have instant results of each shot I could see myself doing 50 shots in 3 seconds and it not being so bad. Blindly blitzing when you're only trying to kill guys but not take the territory sucks.


How about an option to blitz with x amount of troops as a permanent setting, which you can change in game. Ex. I set my blitz to spend 80% of my troops per blitz. Having said that, during the game, the player before me is maki g an unexpected move across the map, I can go to settings and change it to all troops expendable or as said above until I have a certain amount remaining. Idk about all players but percentages seem to be logical to me. Just a thought. This way you don't have to set your number remaining every blitz you do, for those of us that play with alot with 60s timers

Yes, a blitz threshold would be fantastic! e.g. Stop when territory has less than or equal to 4 troops.

I like the idea of a variable blitz roll.  There could be two or three blitz options or levels of blitz that would continue to attack until you either won or reached a certain threshold of troops.  For example:

Blitz 1- attack until the defender loses or the attacking army is 1.25 x the defending army
Blitz 2- attack until the defender loses or the attacking army is the same size as the defending army
Blitz 3- attack until the defender loses or the attacking army is 0.5 x the defending army
Blitz 4- attack until the defender loses or the attacking army is defeated

The different levels would only be accessible when the attacking army is of sufficient size.

I think something like this would be a great addition to the game.

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