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Create and share your own RISK maps

IDEA: Create your own maps with a custom map editor. Share and vote on the best maps.

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Currently, IAPs allow individuals to buy new maps. Would players be required to pay for the map creator?

Taylor –if we were to build a public map editor, it would be made free to everyone to encourage people to create new maps. –Lee@SMG

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I think it would encourage many people to buy premium (which I don't see why anyone wouldn't)!

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I think you could have a section on 'Best Maps' of the day, the month, and all time.

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And, I think there would need to be a mix of pre-shaped countries/continents. Whilst at the same time, we may need to draw individual countries. (Posted separately for voting on)

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Great idea, love the potential this game has and that the development team is actively trying to improve it!

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This is my favorite idea so far. Would these be allowed in ranked play online? Maybe you could have an unranked online mode to go along with this and some of the other ideas that have been mentioned (fog of war, spies, etc.). That way IAP would still have meaning as only those maps would be allowed for ranked play.
That's crazy but i would buy it for sure

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Very cool idea

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