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Secret Mission RISK

IDEA: This is Risk with a twist based on the 1993 Secret Mission rules.

Each player a specific mission short of complete world domination. Players do not reveal their missions to each other, and the first person to complete their mission wins. Missions are:

  1. Capture Europe, Australia and one other continent
  2. Capture Europe, South America and one other continent
  3. Capture North America and Africa
  4. Capture North America and Australia
  5. Capture Asia and South America
  6. Capture Asia and Africa
  7. Capture 24 territories
  8. Capture 18 territories and occupy each with two troops
  9. Destroy all armies of a specific color or—if one's own troops are that color—capture 24 territories (one mission for each color)

NB: if a player's mission is to destroy all armies of a particular color, and another player kills off the last armies of that color, their mission changes to capturing 24 territories.

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When could we expect the secret missions?

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Please don't do this The Game is called Risk: GLOBAL DOMINATION and not Risk: DOMINATION OF RANDOM AREAS

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It is an option - you can play this mission, or just stick to original Risk!

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Secret mission RISK is the best.

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I know this was suggested a year ago. Is there any hope of this or any game mode being added? @Team SMG?

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I'm sure as a child I used to always pick out the mission card capture Asia and South America. For some reason that was my favourite and I didn't want to chose a random mission.

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Any word if this is gluing to happen anytime soon? There are achievements for winning a game of capital risk and for wining a game of secret mission risk, but don't see them available to play...

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Please are this feature!

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Just want to bump this again ! Please implement this style of game. One of the absolute best. Now you’ve added a limited chat feature. You can implement this with an option to guess someone’s mission and post it to other players. Please add this ASAP !
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