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Fog of War in RISK map

IDEA: You can only view enemy positions in adjacent territories, everything else is hidden. As you explore the map, the fog will be removed from adjacent territories within view.

This would either be a custom game setting, enabled by the game host (so not a default setting for all maps). 

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This would be a great idea, it makes thd game more challengimg, and strategic. And it also would be a great idea to make it a custom option instead of being a Default option, like making a hard mode.

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I'm really liking this "fog war" idea. I think that would be really awesome

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I like the Fog idea but I don't like the alliance seeing each other idea because everyone will just ally with everyone else to see the board making the whole fog thing pointless.
Great Idea !!!!
Great Idea !

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Yes. Make it an option when creating a game!

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Horrible idea that completely changes the dynamics of the game.
Hi guys, How can i test fog of war option in risk on iphone/ipad? Great option btw... Hope to test it soon, thx again Zibfr
Im excited to give it a whirl. I like the idea alot. I don't think it's cool however to let allies see. I mean, in real world war in my opinion, allies never let the others in on their strategy, and strongholds. "Keep your friends close, enemies closer" Just a thought. Look forward to it either way.
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