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My game continues after I won

When I'm playing Capitial Conquest and Global Domination and I conquer all the terriories with everyone dead or capture all the capitials the game just continues. The timers isn't running anymore and i keep recieving troops from the whole map and I can continue placing troops anywhere but theres no where to attack. I think it's been happening since 10/15/23. Thank you

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Same problem here,please help 

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I started noticing that this mostly happens when people bot towards the end of the game and when I destroy the botted player/s, the game continues. There are few other games when I play with players that haven't botted and the game ends and I get a victory. I think this bug/glitch might have something to do with the bots. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it didnt fix it.

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Same problem here Please assist
Has this been resolved?
Same issue with me … It’s happened to me on four occasions. Here are screenshots of two of the instances.
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(1.05 MB)
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Happened twice to me last week.  And pretty sure I didn't get my Rank Points.  Any way to check/get credit for these wins?

Same problem.
Same here.

Same problem, sent multiple tickets but no response so far

Same problem for me.. game continues after win
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