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Game disconnecting/re-connecting

Hi, any thoughts of why the game periodically disconnects and then tries to re-connect but not at the latest status? I was winning a game when it disconnected. It tried reconnecting but was showing a layout from the beginning of the game. It also stalled at 'waiting for host'.

Is this a bug, hack or just unfortunate?

It has happened several times before.

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Me too, 1 game in 5 about

Same here. Fun thing is, sometimes they tell you, that you left the game. So no reconstitution of Tokens. What do they think, that we watch a blocked screen for hours to wait beeing connected to a host which is no longer there. So the question should be: Who stands Host for, and how can we evade this kind of host. Is there no support for this game?
I'm having the same problem! more than 1 in 5 games tho!!!! its more like 4 out of 5 games and more often when I'm winning.....then suddenly, it disconnects. sometimes reconnects briefly, but usually cant reconnect. I would have MUCH better stats if it werent for this happening and it's starting to really make me not want to play the game at all any more! something needs to be done about this!

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Got the same Problem several Times, mostly in longlasting Games with Caps, big armys and when i am going to win. Couldnt send a Screenvideo cause it ist to Long for the comment.
... anche a me lo stesso problema! ma che pensano che siamo coglioni? quando si riconnette poi fa come cazzo gli pare nel tiro dei dadi!!! DIO CANE
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