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Something isnt right at all

I am the type that plays devil's advocate. I try to make sure that I am not jumping the gun before making accusations. It's been years and probably thousands of games and I can safely say that the odds are being stacked against me in an extremely unfair manner. My dice seem to always be low and those who attack me are always high. Those in my vicinity nearly always get combos of cards to trade in while I have to wait for 5 most of the time. AI's nearly always remain benign around others yet want to attack me. These things combined make most games extremely lopsided. I am talking hundreds if not thousands of games. It's no way that it's random. Even with castles people can attack me and easily win sometimes with less than what I have. On the contrary I seem to have the lowest dice most of the time no matter what. Something is seriously wrong and it's not fair. It's no way in the word that the vast majority of opponents that I battle have mainly 6's and 5's and I have mainly 1's and 2's for hundreds of games and for years at this point.
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