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Suggestions to improve this excellent puzzle game

 Hi, I got Death Squared on Switch a while back and I really like it, in fact it's the only game I've ever managed to get my girlfriend into playing with me! The fact that she likes it is really saying something.

The level design is great and clearly a lot of work has gone into them, but something that we've both found frustrating is the fact that it is often very hard to see what is going on, or where your character is. I know this game is 4 years old so you're probably not looking to release updates for it, but while playing I can't help wishing that we could do the following:

1. Rotate the camera 90 degrees at a time around the Y axis, so that our guys don't get stuck behind scenery where we can't see them. It's very frustrating to fail a level because your character fell off a platform, or walked into a laser, that you couldn't see. I would suggest that the rotation could be done with the L and R buttons, and maybe this input should be limited to only one player.

2. Rotate the camera slightly (maybe up to 30 degrees from its starting position) with the input from the right analog stick. When there are blocks at different heights, it's often very hard to tell where they are in 3d space.

3. Zoom the camera. We often have to physically move closer to the screen to try and see what's going on.

I hope these suggestions don't come across as arrogant, but we've only managed to get to level 34 so far, because we tend to give up out of frustration. And that's a shame, because the levels are so nicely designed and I know that there are a lot more of them!

Besides that, thanks for the nice game and I look forward to checking out some of your other titles.

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