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I lost all troops in a 37 vs 8 confrontation...

I lost all troops in a 37 vs 8 confrontation. And my opponent lost 3. Are you mentally ill or do you have a syndrome, SMG programmers??? I want my rank up and to be reimbursed!
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Yeah sometimes stuff like that happens. I lost 4-1 three times in a row before the update. 97% chance of success. It’s not the programmers though, the game’s probability engine sometimes does weird stuff

I appreciate this post I needed a laugh for today. I know it’s not funny in reality I have experienced similar garbage in the past

do any of you understand how percentage chances work? do you understand what good or bad RNG means? if you can answer yes to one or both of those questions you should not have made this hilariously salty comment.

I love how this is 5 months old and people still see it

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8 months old

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This game is not hard. It is obnoxious. The people who own this just don't care about the customer. 

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