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I lost all troops in a 37 vs 8 confrontation...

I lost all troops in a 37 vs 8 confrontation. And my opponent lost 3. Are you mentally ill or do you have a syndrome, SMG programmers??? I want my rank up and to be reimbursed!
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Yeah sometimes stuff like that happens. I lost 4-1 three times in a row before the update. 97% chance of success. It’s not the programmers though, the game’s probability engine sometimes does weird stuff

I appreciate this post I needed a laugh for today. I know it’s not funny in reality I have experienced similar garbage in the past

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do any of you understand how percentage chances work? do you understand what good or bad RNG means? if you can answer yes to one or both of those questions you should not have made this hilariously salty comment.

I love how this is 5 months old and people still see it

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8 months old

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This game is not hard. It is obnoxious. The people who own this just don't care about the customer. 

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 I know this post is old, but I'll send it for those unaware.

Firstly, 37 vs 8 is a guaranteed win when using the modifier "Balanced Blitz" dice rolls. But, in the screenshot, you can see that the modifier for "True Random" was enabled. This allows for miracle situations like that to happen in your game.

If you don't want this to happen make sure to edit the game filter only to show balanced blitz dice roll games.

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You can say all you want about percentages but I lost 60 to 33 country to capital and a 36 to 18 country to capital fail back to back in the same turn! That’s bullshit! I don’t care what you say about odds! It was a a crucial point in the game. Also collaboration. The game is rigged! And apparently pretty easy to hack

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The Dice algorithm(s) are absolute rubbish and haven't changed over the years. I played a game recently with balanced blitz taking on there capital of 4 troops with my 68. I lost 35 troops! WTF For a laugh, I sometimes log an in-game report of hacking. The developers have never responded back other than to say 'so and so' wasn't cheating. To me, it just makes the game more about luck than skill.

Yeah, it's just luck. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. There is just such a big risk with every move I take. I really wish they warned us of this risky game play in one way or another. So much risk, they should have warned us. Stupid game
So you’ve met the “super players”. There’s more to it than just luck. There are benefits to being part of Team SMG!!!

There is no luck involved. Explain to me how in balanced blitz you can attack a larger army and ensure they lose more than you? In my experience, this happens 100% of the time.

Cause the downloaded a mod . On the options it has all troops blow up . It’s a cheat in the mod which 70 percent players are using
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