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Statistics in profile

I look at my profile every day and the statistics are always wrong. I play global conquest and nothing else with balanced blitz,no alliances,no fog of war and usually no maximum or minimum levels of opponent. I now only play games I create myself and have done for the last six months. I win over 50% of the games now and had reduced the deficit to 320 games won to 434 games lost, which is a deficit of 114 games. After playing a few more games the deficit increased to 214 games at approx 320 wins to 540 wins.A deficit of 220 games. This is impossible and not only that, it keeps happening all the time. Not only that but all the other statistics are wrong and totally made up. Also I was classed as an expert player and even after winning several games consecutively I was reduced to an intermediate player. What is the point of these statistics if they are wildly inaccurate ? Also this is the first time on this forum and I would like to complain to the game proprietorship. How do I do that ?

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