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Risk Global Domination Game bug

 I am logged in to your game through Steam and have added my email and password to the Risk website log in information. When I log in on my Android phone, as well as logging into the Amazon Prime account I have to claim the free rewards, it shows inside your game on my mobile phone that the rewards have been claimed with a green checkmark. BUT when I go back to the Windows 10 PC with Steam, it doe snot show the update. It still says the rewards have not been claimed. Please help me to fix the sync issue!! Thank you. See both attached screen shots. One from the phone, and one from the Steam PC desktop.

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I have the very same problem. I can claim rewards on my phone, but not on my PC. 

I loaded the game on my phone. I play on my computer but to access the Amazon Prime stuff it requires me to log in thru my damned phone. However trying to log into the game thru my phone , it will not let me. so my Amazon Prime account means nothing apparently.  I can play online on my computer but not on my phone so I cannot access the Amazon Prime. I am sending this same complaint to Amazon Prime informing them that since the game uses their name but then it causes problems trying to claim the free rewards it advertises that maybe Amazon should look into this.

Your game keeps making my troops disappear seems like a pretty big bug to me it's happened multiple times
Claimed free items thru Amazon are not showing up in iPhone app. But game says it’s been claimed.
Games keeps crashing since last update (3.8.1) on iPad Air 12.5.5.

I can't start a new network game in Risk Global Domination on Steam. But play with computer is OK. Faced of this problem suddenly. Feel confused. When trying to enter a network game, there's always a circle spining, saying "Trying to enter the game".

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