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Amazon Login Fail

Hey, like the title is already saying I have 2x Amazon Accounts and typed the wrong one in without prime. Then I wanted to correct it but the game still used my first account I typed, after I made a sign out. Please can someone of the support help me. Like resetting the connection of my account and the first login or do I really need to create a new account? Write me on or here.

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I've the same exact problem, can't correct, change the amazon account.

I can't even find where to use the Amazon Prime login.
I am playing through steam on a widows PC. Now looking through forums to see what I'm not understanding. Any help?

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Yo tengo el mismo problema, por desgracia active la cuenta de amazon en la que no  tengo prime, y ahora no puedo volver atrás, por favor ayuda

Where is the Amazon button to link my account?????

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