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Banned for no reason

I was banned from Global domination yesterday. This is the 2nd time it has happened for no reason. I didn't play with friends or family or multiple accounts, and haven't disrespected anyone. I totally challenge this decicion, PLUS - I suggest you start banning those who challenge the others for no reason. It's ridiculous. I want both my accounts back ASAP. Thanks, Fred

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Yoo..i just got banned too..this is fucking bullahit. I payed for this game. And people can easily report for NO reason..thisbis not fair.i want my money back or my account fixed. Anybody can just report anyone anytime of they are mad. You know howbthe game goes

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I got banned too. Lol...what a joke. I dont even know how to cheat. This is ridiculous. Someone can't win and they just report you? How insane is this? Please retire me. D.

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