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Why i banned

I was playing long time but i don’t know why i banned this time can anyone explain for me i don’t Cheat or hack

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Good afternoon.

I just want to find out Why am I all of the sudden Banned?

I was only playing Global Domination and the next moment I saw that I am banned.

I am not a hacker or a cheater, I don't even know how to cheat on the game or how to hack the game. I am also not interested to find out how, I really enjoy the game too much.

Please have a look at my profile and let me know what is going on.

RISK Profile Name is Fierce Freedom 33

RISK Account: 26665880

Hope to hear from you soon

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Hello i was banned upon reading the instructions i knew that i should not cooperate with friends i game which i usually do in real life please is there any other way in order to get back my account
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