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New levels in vault, possible glitch?

I am playing on the Nintendo Switch. In 4-player vault, level 21, Mad Hatter, there is no way for my blue character to get to his square. We have green on his, which causes a block to come up and block reds laser. We have seen it block it up to a few squares away and then shoot the laser right through the middle of the block keeping red safe. We have done this multiple times and it's the same thing. No other block comes up to save red. As this is a newer level, there are no walkthroughs so I can only assume I'm doing the puzzle properly. The last character needing to reach their circle is blue and it's impossible because the lasers go through the last block lifted by green. Is this a bug or am I not doing it right?

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we had the exact same problem while trying to beat this level twice in a row, but were suddenly able to beat it this way. Then we tried to replicate and film this bug (?) but were not able to reproduce it. So there is definitely a constellation of the random block model, the position of the red player, ..., but it is very unlikely to happen. So I recommend you to just try it again.

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Same issue, been trying this level forever, was sure I cracked it but then red kept firing through the block that's supposed to block him. Can't complete the level. Very annoying!
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