Card trading is where you trade in your territory cards to gain extra troops during the draft phase. 

There is one card per territory, which means the number of cards may vary depending on which map you choose. On the classic map there are 42 Cards. 

Available Card Types:

There are 4 card types available within RISK:

  1. Infantry.

  2. Cavalry.

  3. Artillery.

  4. Joker/Wild. These special cards can be used as any of the above 3 types.

The cards you receive at the end of your turn are random.

If you take over a territory, at the end of your turn you will gain one territory card. To gain troops from card trading, you must collect a set of 3 cards: 3 cards of the same design (3 infantry, 3 cavalry, 3 artillery), one of each of the 3 designs, or any 2 plus a wild card.

Cards are cycled in a game so we do not run out of them. When a player hands in cards those cards are then added back into the deck at the end. 

Forced Trades:

Full sets may be turned in at the beginning of your turn or you may wait. But, if you have 5 cards, you are forced to trade in a set.

Fixed vs Progressive Bonus:

The number of troops you gain from cards depends on whether you are playing on a fixed bonus or a progressive bonus.

A fixed bonus means that there is a fixed amount of troops you will gain which is determined by the type of cards you draw.

3 infantry - 4 troops

3 cavalry - 6 troops

3 artillery - 8 troops

1 of each set - 10 troops.

The progressive bonus uses the default board game settings. Every time a player trades the number of troops gained progressively increases. Matched sets may be traded in for more troops based on the total number of matches traded in.

First Set – 4 troops

Second Set – 6 troops

Third Set – 8 troops

Fourth Set – 10 troops

Fifth Set – 12 troops

Sixth Set – 15 troops

Following the sixth set, each additional match traded in is worth an extra 5 troops. For example, the eighth set traded in gives you 25 troops. If any of the territories you occupy are depicted on one of the three cards, you will receive an extra 2 troops. Both troops must be placed on their respective territory and will only apply once per card trade.

If you eliminate a player you will gain their cards, if over 5 this will force a trade in and put you back into the draft phase and extend your turn. 


  1. On progressive bonus, it is usually better to wait until you are forced to trade. This is because you will gain more troops the longer you wait. The exception to this is if you’re about to lose all your territories or you can secure an early continent.