The last phase of your turn in RISK: Global Domination is Fortify. 

After the attack phase is complete you move into the fortify phase. Fortify allows you to move troops from one territory to another. Troops can only travel between connecting territories. If you choose to fortify, at least one troop must remain in the original territory. 

The player can also skip the fortify phase.

The overall purpose of Fortifying is to strengthen your borders you want to protect, such as the borders of a continent. A stronger defence makes it harder for your opponents to attack you!


  1. Reinforce your border! Your internal territories aren’t under direct threat of attack, and can’t attack your enemies, extra troops placed in these locations are basically wasted.

  2. Keep in mind when fortifying that one large army is better than a bunch of small or medium ones. This plays to the odds in the dice rolls.

  3. Don’t block your strong territories. If your bigger armies are blocked by your own territories, they won’t be able to affect the game. This especially happens when players try to defend Australia. Try and fortify some troops elsewhere so you can still take over other territories and get bonus cards.