If the game will not progress past either of these two screens it looks like we have an ISP/Port blocking problem

This happens a LOT in Sth Africa with a certain ISP

The long work around is to either use a different internet connection / ISP.

Or follow the instructions below.

We are trying to work on a solution for this also

So, we have identified that there is an issue with specific Internet Service Provider in South Africa (and one in Canada) that are blocking our users from accessing the RISK application. This is due to 2 possible reasons either this ISP has been blocked by our third party connection system, or the ISP is blocking certain ports that are required to play RISK. Unfortunately due to this being the likely issue we are very limited in what we can do to resolve the issue. 

If you'd like to open a ticket with us on this we would like to request more information from you on your ISP, such as:

1) ISP name.(Cell C, Vadafone, MTN, etc)

2) Your IP address on device(this can be found in network settings on device)

We can use this information to verify if your device is being blocked by the above mentioned 3rd party connection system we use.

Here is the list of ports for your personal firewall or ISP firewall we need to validate if are blocked:

RISK Ports used for firewall:

TCP 843    

TCP 4530    

TCP 4531    

TCP 4533    

TCP 5055    

UDP 5056    

UDP 5058    

UDP 6060    

TCP 6061    

TCP 6063    

TCP 9090    

TCP 9091    

TCP 9093    

TCP 19090    

TCP 19091    

TCP 19093

Please check your personal firewall or if possible contact your ISP to make sure they are not blocking these ports for any reason.

Unfortunately due to the complexity of this issue and the fact it is likely an issue caused by another company we have no control over our solutions maybe limited. What can possibly be done in the future is allow accounts with this issue to start RISK but they will be limited to Single Player games, depending which issue above is causing the problem.

In the meantime if you go to a place that provides free wifi you should be able to access RISK(given they are not using the same ISP), once in you can disconnect the WiFi and will be able to player Single Player games. Please do not close RISK after this as you will require internet connection to access it again.