We take cheating seriously. 

It is our mission to ensure that RISK games are as fun, exciting and fair as we can make them. 

1. What is considered cheating?

  • ANY Usage of a hacked version, custom builds or 3rd party software that interferes with RISK
  • ANY violation of our Fair Play rules: https://smgstudio.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000090958-fair-play-rules
    Please note that playing ranked multiplayer with someone you know (family, friends...) or have a direct communication channel outside the app, is always considered cheating and will be penalised. 
  • ANY deliberate exploitation of a bug that gives you an advantage in multiplayer.

2. How do I report players?

We can only process cheating reports that are made through our in game reporting system.

  • This is done from within the game view, and you can report players you believe are cheating in your current game. See the video below for reference.

  • Please take note that an unusual high amount of false cheating accusations can affect your own rank. While this has never happened so far, SMG will penalise players who intentionally and repeatedly misreport their opponents.

3. What happens to my report?

  • Your report is fed directly into our back-end, assisting automated, semi-automated and manual anti-cheat systems and processes.
  • Reported users are analysed and investigated, with consequences ranging from de-rank and/or temporary suspension up to account ban.
  • If your report contributed to the punishment of a cheater, you may be granted RISK rank points back. We do not have the systems in place to be able to notify individuals when this occurs.
  • Should your report be successful, we will notify you that we have taken action against their account. Should it be unsuccessful, you will also be notified after an investigation period has concluded.
  • Report handling and rank points distribution is a largely automated process, with manual oversight of the generated data. This ensures we have the full picture before banning or warning players

We thank you for taking the time to read our process around reporting cheaters, and we thank you for taking the time to report cheaters, in a way that can help us to keep play fair, and fun.