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SP!NG Rush level 56

Hi. No matter what I do I cannot figure out how to be fast enough to get the 3rd star(13 seconds). I cannot find a video online anywhere of the strategy used. I have completed Normal mode and 3 starred every level. Also have 3 starred every level up to 56 in Rush so far. Can anyone please share a video of how to do it. For whatever reason I can’t figure out how to get speed and it’s destroying me! Thank you. Praying someone can help.

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I'm in the same boat. I think you can do the first circle, then hit the jump, do a figure 8 (half the bottom, then the full top, then half the bottom again) and drop onto the conveyor belt, but skip over the jump by grabbing the next circle. I can do this sometimes, but always miss at least one star and even then, can only get about 14 seconds. I can't think of another way to speed things up!

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Out of over 2K people playing that level, only 12 (!!) made it faster than 13 secs. So either I am missing something, of 13 seconds is really too little.

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I’m having the same problem.. finished all of the levels with 3 stars except this one…
On Reddit, another user posted their 3-star run, but the goals were much easier than mine: Mine: Theirs:

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I can confirm that the latest update changed the 3-star time to 16 seconds. It also erased my previously earned 3 stars from a different Rush level, but

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Same for me! It reset the stars for the worst level… :(
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