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Banned / Ticket

Account suspended for no reason

I keep getting suspended and now banned for a whole month due to violation of fair play, really not sure why. Never cheated - I always play ranked 1V1, 2 bots + 1 human player. Ticket is 2 weeks now, no response whatsoever 

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My account has been suspended for no reason.

I have just been suspended for the third time. I absolutely did nothing to deserve this. 

Same thing here, again

Just happened to me just now for no reason and top things off they just do not tell you the reason for the ban or what rule u broke so how can u dispute the claim

Here is what they've replied in response to my ticket last time:

"Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delay, it looks like this was triggered due to a high # of games with a small number of players - presumably through a lot of 1v1s with these players - we'd recommend avoiding playing the same player repeatedly until we've introduced safeguards to prevent these from reoccurring.

Suspension history has been cleared in the meantime!"

Now, I always play 1v1s, have no 'friends' on the app to avoid such things. Let's say you are a grandmaster and want to keep that rank, meaning  you'd only play with other grandmasters (first 100s or smtg I'd say?) or masters only... what should you do?

And in the meantime, banned again yay!

This is getting ridiculous. I’ve been banned for the third time, for no logical reason. I only play 1v1 I have no “friends” to play against I am ranked about 30 and only play masters and above SMG, you have to do the math. There are only about a few hundred masters and grand masters active at any one time. Of those only a few play the configuration of the 1v1 game I set up. I play about 20 games a day while working. As a result of the small pool of players that are interested in playing my specific 1v1 set up, it would be mathematically impossible for me not to play multiple games with the same players. If you are going to ban players for playing consecutive games then you should implement a system within your software that automatically prevents the same players from playing consecutive games . Otherwise the random bans are just plain illogical

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FED UP with being banned for no reason, every few days, I am banned.

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I lost access to the game through my phone after being banned for no reason
Même chose banni sans raison les joueurs perdent et sont fâcher et font des plaintes sur nous. C est riddicule
banned 24hrs for no reason .. I don’t cheat .. what’s the point ??
Banned 24 h for no reasons. I don’t play with friends. I already get to Grand Master for 1v1 and Master FFFA despite all the glitches of getting kicked out due to connection issues

I have been banned and i am a basic pc user shit i have not had a computer for 7 years then recently bought a laptop and have been playing risk for fun sometimes you know your going to lose but i continue to play as anything can happen but i am really angry about this ban i barely know how to use this computer let alone hack a game that i play for fun to pass the time but to get banned for Absolutly no reason angers me, this is not what i bought membership for and to get no explanation makes this more frustrating


i have been banned and i do not know how to tell how long for. i did not cheat, but the only reason i can assume that i have been banned is for not attacking a weaker player, because i wanted him to help me beat the 'winning' player.

Likewise, the game developers and support staff are absolutely useless. I'd usually add some swear words to reinforce my point but would probably get banned. Oh, sod it - there a bunch of f***ing useless t**ts. !!!!!!

There never come back explaining the reason for the ban. I don't think they actually know or care.

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