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Unfair Pc edge over Mobile

REMOVE PLAYERS SEEING EACH OTHERS STATS ON COMPUTER OR ADD IT TO MOBILE IN A EASY FASHION. PC PLAYER HAS EDGE IN GAME. I'm usually around Master-Grandmaster on this game and just play for fun in my downtime. I've seen on YouTube how the players look up my stats and play accordingly. I don't mind the transparency, but what I do mind is playing FFA. Then having multiple players attack me at once simply because they can see my rank and don't care about winning overall. When I lose its 50% the time before I even get a 2nd turn. Round 1 I get 7 troops take 1 space, defend castle then pass. Only 2 get 2 armies death dive me and the 3rd player gets an easy edge and there's no way for me to recover with +3 per turn vs +20. *Also a simple fix would be to put the bot icon or a new icon over the players when they DC. Its so annoying that they leave, you have no idea. Then realize it's a bot so you play different, then they come back and wreck the game. This could be solved with literally 1 line of code into an update.*
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