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Negative Gem Balance

Hello, a day ago I noticed that my Gem balance went from +500 to - 2500. Every time I get the +2 free gems it reduces from the - 2500 balance on my account. Is there a reason why my gem balance went from +500 to - 2500 over night for no apparent reason? Please look into this and fix the balance please.

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I've been having the same issue for several days now. Just opened a ticket for it to be checked out.

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Same. Waiting on my ticket as well.

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same here as well.

Me as well since the 12/23/21. I am not showing any rejected payments, asked for no refunds, and still have the content purchased with the gems and had them for several days before the negative balance started showing.

Has anyone here had there issue resolved? My first ticket has been pending for 5 days now. Second for 3 days.

I too have the same issue, was at +236, no I am in a gem debt! lol

I agree, this is disappointing, I originally reached out o Twitter and was told to raise a ticket, saw this one and added to it. There's been a few items I've wanted to purchase but haven't been able to because of this

now i am +72 was -3150 but supposed to be at +750....

Yup, similar issue here, was at +236 before the error, now it's "rectified" sat at +80. I never have an issue buying in game items, like new maps and "cosmetics", but now I feel very very reluctant to put anymore money into the game at all. Very disappointing
I had the same issue. Put a ticket into support back in November. Finally had the balance corrected to a positive balance on the 10th of January and have now lost access to the last pack I purchased. Now have a ticket in for that problem. Have never had as many issues with a game platform as this one

Im having this issue right now!

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