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cheated times on SP!NG

so when there’s a time on daily challenge that is seriously almost 15 seconds faster than anyone else — and it’s just one person’s time — is there a way users can report it? Because what’s fun about the daily challenge is finding these minor shortcuts or just slightly different ways to pass through a level…I literally can’t figure out any way to get that time without skipping a level. (I keep trying to share an image of the leaderboard, but the captcha keeps rejecting it) also…why do people cheat on stuff like this? like, what does it do for you? you didn’t actually GET that time, so what does one get out of it?

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Absolutely!!  I can usually get within 2-4 seconds of the leaders, but some (like today, July 30) I can only get within @ 8 ... but I know where I'm losing time, but no way it's 8 seconds or more.

At the very least, let us SEE replays of the leaderboard (top 20?) after the daily session has ended

I also wonder if different skins/themes produce different results?

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This has gotten SO much worse now in 2022. Simply egregious and impossible times. Current (8:00 pm EST 1/07/22 … sub-19 seconds total. 8-10 players representing times 15, 20, and 30 seconds quicker is. A. Problem.

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18.80 seconds when 30 seconds would be extraordinary? This is really too much. It’s a great game and is the primary reason I keep my Arcade subscription. But if an effort isn’t made to stop this blatant cheating I’m going to delete Spi!ng and move on. A response from the developers and a real attempt to solve this NOW is in order. 

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Also it’s the same two people at the top in the most obvious cheating examples.
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