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lost password

please help me reset my RISK password, I had not set up an email and would like to add it to my acct.

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Hey guys! If you've lost your password please do not share the RISK ID here - we can only assist with password resets via support ticket @ Cheers, Luci@SMG

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My RISK ID:-deleted- Thanks for your help with this

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My Risk ID IS -deleted- THANK YOU

My RISK ID: -deleted-

I  would like to set up an email address and since I connected with Facebook I don’t recall a password.

I lost my password to
I log in with Facebook cant remember password for Risk.

I would like to add an email to my risk account to rest password please; Risk ID - -deleted- Thank you.

same issue

Hi, same issue, Risk ID -deleted-, thanks

My username is OnurBilge and i lost my password and i dont know the name of my registeration mail name Help :)
Same issue. I have no email added and I don’t know what my password is. Can you manually send me a reset password link?

I have the same problema, What can I do? I do not what happened to my email and password. My ID number is -deleted-.

نفس المشكله معرف مخاطره -deleted-

Forgot my risk password need to reset it and add my email. I log in with Google so I don't remember it

Same issue. User -deleted-