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The new update sucks

1) harder to detect cheaters and avoid these games when you can't see rank. 

2) can't adjust strategy properly when you detect cheating in game.

3) hard to avoid games that don't have a good mix of players. I'll typically set minimum rank to novice, but I don't want to player against more than one novice/beginner player. Now I have no idea of who I'm playing against.

The new update if terrible. Change it back

Agreed, most cheaters play with a high rank and a novice account are are easy to spot when they help each other. Whats the point of playing well if rank doesnt matter.

Yep; the AI seems to be far too aggressive as well. I was just beaten by someone who had never played an online game (according to their stats), and they had gone offline. My 20+ attack reduced to 1 after attacking their 6?!? Really
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