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How to spot a cheater before the update.

Atlast I was able to find a way to play without being cheated by being teamed up against 2 players. Before the update I really started to enjoy the game. Since everybody’s rank was showing it was easy to spot a team. Most teams have one novice or beginner on their team I would create battles and kick out the odd ranks. If the ranks were all master then I would know it’s a fair battle. If there is a novice and 2 intermediate I would kick the novice. If there is a beginner, novice, master I would kick the master. What I’m pointing out is if there are any teams joining the game obviously it will be a higher rank with a low rank. Until now I thought I had things in control but now that there is no way of seeing ranks. They made it easier for cheaters and harder for us to play a fair game.
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