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After the last update, I can't see the opponent's rank. That's bad because I don't know the strength of the players. That should change.

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Yea, what the hell is that? This is the worst change ever!!

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Particularly if opponents have not updated and can see ranks - how can that be fair ?

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I agree 100%. why the change? We see the flags. It’s crucial to know the strenghts of the players. If we could atthe very least see their rank when we click on them in the lobby or the game.

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Nobody cares how well they play anymore because theres no ranks, so its just constant suicide missions. Please fix!!!

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Without rank there is no meaning to play any more ... We want our money back
That's why a lot of players don't log in any more. It is very difficult to find a game to play
Hello, I don't update the app. I get error 904. Do you know why this happens?
I have had a change of heart on this particularly if you create the game. Looking at the player’s stats gives a far better view of what your opponent is like and how they may play rather than a single status measure. When you create the game you have time to do this but with the risk your opponents may not stick around for the game to start - when you did not create the game you can’t control the time you have to assess your opponent’s stats. So, for me, the outcome is I’ll play a ranked game when I set it up but not when joining a game.
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