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Losing connectivity during a game

70% of my online games the game loses connectivity and won't reconnect this sucks because every time I lose I probably won't play any more online games because of this it sucks

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I have had the same issue since the last update. Its very frustrating. Ive uninstalled the game and reinstalled it several times. I've cleared cashe. Cleared game data out of google play store. Still the game just kicks me back to my home screen and then i can't rejoin the game. Its a bunch of bullshit.

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Still dealing with the game crashing all the time. Can't get no help from developers or Google. I would just uninstall the game but have spent too much money on map packs to just throw it all away. This really sucks cause I actually like the game even when it cheats or other players cheat. So fix the dam game or refund my money that I've spent since the last update
All was OK until I installed the game onto a Samsung A12. And now I even have problems playing a local game. I went from a grandmaster to expert(if I'm lucky) because of it. I've spent a lot of money on your game and now I'm just sad. I really enjoyed playing your game.
It feels like if someone don't like you they can just scramble the connection and either make you start your turn over or just black you out and make you give up the game

How do I stop Steam from opening when I startup my computer? 

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