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Error 1662

I'm a maniac for risk global domination. I'm logged with my Google account. Master level. Yesterday, suddenly, I was logged out, finding myself as an "Anonymous" novice level in the main menu. Then I closed the app. One time the game shows the log in options /create new profile/ risk profile / Google / Facebook. I try to enter with both Google or Facebook and the error was like 955, something like that. Then, many times while I tried to log in again, the game showed only / create new profile / risk profile, so no Google or Facebook log in options available. I wanted to know what's going on. I purchased various maps. I don't want to loose them and my account with all the progresses too. I may be banned, I don't know. I'm not supposing to be innocent (even though I think so), just gently asking you for more information. Thank you.
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