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Let Players deal with cheating

I went to report on obvious cheating in game. Two colours red and green would never attack each other and would allow them to keep territories with no defence. Upon not being able to find a link to report cheating I came up with an idea for the game. Allow players to manage people who cheat. Allow us to simply block any games we tag certain players in that work together. So like I see X player and Y player cheating. Give me a function to tag those players for myself that I can see and avoid playing with them. Simply by clicking there name in game and have an option of cheater. Then when I’m looking for games instantly remove any games from my feed with people I’ve labeled as cheaters. Or an indicator when I join their game that I’ve labeled them as cheaters.
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I’ve had similar issues. I wonder how I can prove that 2 players are working together but its obvious when there are small numbers of armies guarding borders are they aren’t broken. Ruins the game

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