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Cannot connect to facebook

I randomly got demoted a few weeks ago and when I tried to reset my account I was unable to connect to Facebook. All my other games connect, and I was hoping this was just a glitch. I keep getting the error “uh oh we can’t connect - error 923” I’ve checked all my FB settings, everything is good there. It’s painful enough to be demoted from Master to Novice every week due to a glitch, but it’s even more annoying to have to set up a new profile every time. Any ideas?

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Hi Alison,

We have replied to your Fresh desk ticket with specific steps to correct this issue. Please review and reply to it when you have time. We have released a new version of RISK 2.2.2 which should be available in the store with BUG fixes. This build should hopefully correct this issue for anyone else that maybe experiencing it. If it does not please open a ticket and we can work on getting you back to your account.



can not connect to Facebook so I lost all my progress
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