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Premium and purchased maps

Once again I open my risk to find I am no longer a premium acct. Basicly this is theft. 3 or 4 times now my acct has lost premium status. 2 times the risk tech support got it back to premium. 2 times it corrected on it's own. I am no longer premium AGAIN. Fix my acct.

I purchased premium mode and extra maps on my IPad(which can no longer be updated), so now I'm on android. I decided to download game again and no longer have access to my account. So I dig out of a box my old IPad, find an old 30 pin connector and power it up. I still have the app on my IPad so I go to access the game (to get my old ID/login info )and it starts me in a loop of needing to update to play, then take a me to I store, which allows me only to open not update, then back to game. Continuous loop. So I went into purchase history (that still worked, file attached). So now what????? Not going to pay for it again!
So, idk how many gems or whatever I have to buy to activate premium, but I refuse to spend anymore money, I have more than the required and still seeing ads. How does this work?!?!
I pay cash for supply crate but no pink coins gained i can not biy maps no points got nothing for mh cash is gone transferred to u guys vur you guys no give me coins to buy new maps what happen wirh my cash please fix thee is 50procent off this is why i buy wereld is my points my money from bank acc but no coins for game big big scam man mail and contact still no coins not even a answer HELLLLLOOOO???????
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