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How do I report GrandMaster for cheating

How do I file a ticket about GrandMaster who is cheating? Cecilie Schmidt (Grandmaster) is using 2 accounts (the other one is Novice Neamtu Liviu). This so called Grandmaster doesn’t even hide it in the final stages of the game when sending happy smileys from both accounts while the Novice is used without any logic and sense and only used to attack the opponents never defending its territories but never being attacked by the Grandmaster account. I played a lot in this game and from the beginning something was fishy about this Grandmaster moves that made no sense. SMG, you must put an end to these 2 accounts !!!! It ruins the game and in the end it ruins your reputation

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Also Rooseveld Viper 23 grandmaster is Cheating. Please ban
I don't think they give a s*** about that I never knew about any of the complaints I make either they're either unable to do anything or unwilling. This is one game that is definitely ramp it with f****** cheats
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