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I know you can't do anything about this because I did not record the player but he is an expert level. First turn I drew 3 armies he drew 5 with 9 countries. I placed mine in Australia giving me 6 on one province with the others being occupied by 3 and 2. and 2 by red . Second turn I drew 3 and put them in Australia to give me nine but when I looked red the expert had went from 2 to 7 and this was impossible because he had no pathway to move any troops. He miraculously gained 5 troops causing me eventually to have to flee Australia. I then took over S America and constantly fought of the blue player in N America while red and blue would not attack each other letting red build up an enormous amount of troops. I put all of my armies on the tip of South America after blue had matched my previous army limit leaving him with 1 army defending his gateways into N America and still purple and blue only attacked me . Even with my troop total at 52 to 28 blue got a match and placed them in front of me and still at a disadvantage 52-41 I took him out and then red moved in for the kill. Seriously thinking about getting rid of this game to much of this shit going on. . Cheater what did you prove you can only win unless you have either 2 accounts or a partner with twice the troops and then manufacture you some troops in order to win? You suck as a player you are to freaking stupid to win a game on your own. Do us a favor quit playing make this game fun and competitive. You are a cancer on this game. Freak you . You cheating bastard.
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