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What is Error code 13

What is Error code 13 This all I keep getting for the past week Can any one help

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Same for me since several days. No gaming possible. A message says the servers are in maintainance mode, code 13.

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I have the same problem

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It’s a total joke SMG just fob me off all the time and don’t provide ant real help I’m ranked 50th in the world played from day 1 and find it so frustrating

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I have the same issue. Messaged them about it and they sent me here.
since days comes the message code 13; - ((((
I submitted a ticket for this, i’ll keep you posted
Still no better SMG are asking me to run diagnostic tests on some platform from our pc to see what’s happening but I am not going to, They tell me it’s our router connected to an old SMG server that’s the issue I don’t get it Years of play down the drain

I have tested in many WLAN networks and via LTE (Telekom). Nothing helps.

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What a joke I'm using Wi-Fi and lte too And also nothing
LOL now working
It will stop again. It has done this so many times for me.
It works since 12 hours. Seems to be fixed

Thank you all for your patience on this matter. We have implemented some changes on our side to try and combat this issue. We have had reports from affected users that they are able to play RISK once again without issues. Please restart RISK and let us know if you are once again able to enjoy the thrill of battle once again.



Little too late that answer SMG -. -
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