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Can’t play on wi fi

Just beep getting a message that says Servers under maintenance some services temporarily unavailable. Error code 13 What is this I have been playing this for years and never seen this Can any one help as SMG clearly don’t want to help Many thanks Shaun

I keep getting error 13. Any ideas what this is?

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Driving me mad been playing this from day 1. And never seen this before Glad it’s not just me David
This is the message I get. If I turn off wi fi it does not appear It’s defin something SMG have done
Yep exactly the same. Annoying
Also when I can play sometimes I get booted out and when I go back in my apponant has an extra 100 or so armies.

Thank you all for your patience on this matter. We have implemented some changes on our side to try and combat this issue. We have had reports from affected users that they are able to play RISK once again without issues. Please restart RISK and let us know if you are once again able to enjoy the thrill of battle once again.



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