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Risk Problems

I purchased the App and spent 2 years building 7,800,000 points and lost nearly 7,000,000 in the past 3 weeks. I win on a almost 50% ratio and always play higher ranked players. I just lost 2,000,000 points in 3 days. I just won 5 games in a row against higher ranked players an and went does in points. Boycott SMG until they sort out the problem. It’s one thing to like RISK and another with SMG’s management of game.

Wrong forum. 

open a ticket here instead of giving us fake info. We cant help you if we dont know who you are

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I opened a ticket after first 3,000,000 drop you guys wrote me a lame excuse and did nothing about it. It is time to fill the reviews and forums with your inability to control your own program. Nothing “fake” about it.
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